Call for Tender Training modules PAX Academy 

Training modules PAX Academy

Aim: Development and implementation of three short courses as part of a PAX Academy, a project aimed at developing PAX basics and raising professionalism of PAX staff.

Programme: PAX Academy

Organisation: PAX

Consultancy timeline: January 2023 - end of July 2023

Background, rationale and purpose of the consultancy

PAX staff has (and is known for having) a lot of skills & knowledge on how to promote Peace. PAX intends to strengthen its ability to retain, share and promote these skills & knowledge. These knowledge and skills are often not widely accessible. They are either implicit: in the minds of people, or documented somewhere, but not made accessible explicitly to new (and old) staff. This leads especially for new program staff to a lot of questions about how PAX is doing its work. To start resolving this challenge, PAX initiates an academy (a training facility) to create PAX basics and contribute to the professionalism of PAX staff.

Objectives PAX Academy:

  • Creating PAX basics focused on how PAX works
  • Contributing to the professionalism of PAX staff through a training program.

In 2023 this will entail a trainings program which focuses on how PAX does its work (PAX methodology). In general the PAX methodology can be divided in three directions, focusing on how we do our work:

  • Themes (Among which: Inclusive peacebuilding; Protection of Civilians; Business Conflict & Human Rights; Humanitarian Disarmament; Gender; Civic Space)
  • Interventions (f.e. Supporting movement building, Evidence based advocacy, Human Security Survey, Strategic Litigation)
  • Programme management (developing Theories of Change, Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Learning, budgeting, adaptive management, Gender sensitive conflict assessment, Outcome Harvesting, Strengthening local ownership).

For the period of January – June 2023 the PAX Academy will develop and deliver three short training modules, of 1-2 days. These will be developed while learning: there is space for experimentation and adaptation. While working PAX will explore what trainings approaches are most suitable for PAX. In July/August 2023 a first review of the experiences thus far will be done, to enable planning for the remainder of 2023 and for 2024.

For the development of the three training modules PAX will recruit a consultant that will work with small groups of PAX staff to develop script and material for the training, and work with the PAX Academy project team to reflect on progress and adaptations.

The consultancy entails:

  • Development of script and material for three 1-2 day trainings in two versions:
    • an online live training
    • an in person training;
  • Support and feedback to PAX staff delivering the training for the first time;
  • Evaluating and adapting each training after a first try-out;
  • Adapting the training material for integration into the EdApp learning platform1 PAX recently started to use.

Terms of Reference

All details are in the attached  TOR .

The terms of reference includes:

  • Background, rationale and purpose of the consultancy
  • Phases of work
  • Scope of the assignment
  • Timing
  • Qualifications
  • Application and selection proces 

Application and Selection Process

To apply for the consultancy, please submit the following to both Jitske Hoogenboom (hoogenboom(javascript needed for readable email) and Mariska van der Plas (m.vanderplas(javascript needed for readable email)

  1. Curriculum Vitae detailing relevant experience related to this assignment
  2. A motivation letter (2 pages maximum), responding to the following questions
    • What would you say are the most important elements to consider when developing a training module?
    • Do you have any initial thoughts on how you would ensure that the format and content of the trainings are fit for purpose?
    • What approach would you propose to draw out implicit knowledge in an idealist and hard working organisation?
  3. Names and contact information of two professional references that can attest to your qualifications relevant to this assignment and products of similar assignments
  4. Proposed timeline and budget including:
    • estimated number of days needed per training module
    • aligned with the schedule in section 4
    • total budget (consultant’s daily rate and any other foreseeable expenses linked to the assignment)

Deadline for applications is: December 12 2022.

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