Regional session Amsterdam: Claim back the Classroom!  

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Get ready for a kick-off event that’s all about shaking up higher education! Students, teachers, and everyone who cares about making a real change are joining forces.

We’re not just talking – we’re planning workshops and a power-packed working session to reclaim control from those in power and hand it back to the students and teachers. It’s time to unite, define our strategy, and flip the script on the power dynamics. This event is our battle cry for a more democratic and empowering future in higher education. Let’s rally, raise our voice, and reshape the system together! 

Organized by PAX, LSVb, LOF, SRVU and local studentcouncils   

Programme (more detailed programme to be given later)

  • Welcome 
  • Introduction & presentation 
  • Speeches & Open Stage Presentations  
  • World Café: What does just education look like?  
  • Collective working session: How do we achieve our goals? 
  • Closure: time for action! 

Afterwards: stay for drinks to talk and discuss everything you want with each other! 

Date: May 22nd 2024, 18:00 – 21:00

Location: Amsterdam (address will be emailed later)  


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